Projects and Consultancy  :

Since inception Suraj has been assisting the process industry, building up in-house expertise in process equipment and project development, modernization and scaling-up, project execution, trouble shooting, environmental and safety aspects, cost control and improved process efficiencies with special emphasis on Ammonia Industry. Our vision is to use our expertise to offer the best of science, technology and economy and build lasting symbiotic synergies with our valuable clients.

Test Station  :

we have a full-fledged cylinder/ tonner test station, equipped with equipment and instruments as per the standard requirement to carry out inspections and hydraulic testing.

Quality Control :

The Company has established a brand name for itself by consistently delivering quality and service which is achieved through pre and post inspection of the materials and ensuring if it meets the customer, statutory and regulatory and company requirements.

3. Effluent Scrubbing Unit

» To prevent Pollution.
» For scrubbing off Effluent Gases.
» For improving Yield.

Our other expertise include, the design of the following:

1. Processing Unit

» Superior and Safer route for production.
» Faster Process.
» No external cooling required.
» Operator involvement reduced to minimum.

4. Manifold with Hydrants.

» Efficient delivery systems for Gases / Liquids.
» Quality piping design ensures maximum flow Efficiency and Yield.
» Hydrants safeguard against any possible emissions.

2. Vaporizing Chamber

» To convert Liquids to Gaseous form.
» To maintain steady flow rate.

5. Super Heater.

» To maintain steady and continuous flow of Gases.
» To regulate the Temperature and Pressure.